Dining Out with Diabetes

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Know Your Numbers

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Low Blood Sugar

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When you develop an illness that does not go away on its own or worsens with time, you should contact your friendly primary care provider (PCP) for a proper and thorough evaluation in his/her office to see what is making you ill. A medical evaluation may lead to an answer to your problem(s) and hopefully,
This article is not fear mongering, but its intention is to provide what is known so far about this epidemic outbreak in Western Africa (Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone) occurring earlier this year, and about to be pandemic spreading to other continents. Microscopically, it’s in the filovirus family with Marburg virus, together with

Breast Cancer De Facto

Most breast malignancies arise from epithelial elements and are categorized as carcinomas. They differ based upon their appearance under a microscope and biologic behaviors. Breast cancer appears physically as a lump or changes in the anatomy of the breast, including dimpling of the skin, inversion of nipple or discoloration of the skin. To evaluate changes

When Enough is Enough

When it comes to the end of life care, it can be a difficult process to manage a loved one actively dying from a life-threatening illness. It is a process that involves input not only from the patient but also from his/her physician, caregiver, and family members, the latter especially applicable in situations where the

Are you an addict?

ADDICTION is a compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior or activity, accompanied by impaired control over the need despite harm or cravings. An individual with an addiction will seek out that substance, behavior or activity in a persistent and uncontrolled manner despite whether it is maladaptive or counterproductive to the individual. The